The road to my dreams is not a straight path

Me teaching yoga at Bluerama, Koh Phangan

Everything I thought I wouldn’t do to get to where I want to be, I did.

Basically my whole life I said: “I don’t resonate with Asia. I have no interest to go to Asia.” I ended up traveling to Asia and moving to Thailand. As I grew up, I recall myself saying: “I never want to become a massage therapist. I only want to receive massages.” A couple of years after I uttered those words, I became a masseuse. I also said: “I never want to be a yoga teacher. I only want to attend yoga classes.” About 3 months later I ended up doing my Yoga Teachers Training and am still teaching. Yes, I stopped teaching for a couple of months and even stopped practicing, but re-entering it now after the break has done me well. I also believed: “I’m not a salesperson. I can’t sell anything.” I realise now that I am a businesswoman at heart.

There are many, many, many more examples of this, but my point is that: “In order to get where I want to be, I need to let go of all the ways I thought would bring me there. Only then can the universe open up a new way for me to get everything I ever wanted — and MORE!” These were the thoughts that were floating in my mind yesterday when, out of the blue, my friend Michal spoke these same words - without me sharing anything of what I’ve been experiencing!

I realised the path to my dreams is not the one I constructed in my mind, nor is it the way that other people expect me to walk. It is the off-road track that my heart subtly guides me to tread. She shows me the way through children, music, art, and nature… Her guidance is only noticed when I’m silent enough to listen, calm enough to see, and relaxed enough to feel. Only then does she reveal herself. Deep down I know this phenomenon is what most people would call God, and what I would call: my future self reaching back to guide me. She is present through every person I meet, every experience, and every subtle vibration and sensation in my body. She is magnificently beautiful and powerful and she calls me forward to step into my future now.

A friend of mine asked me to have a conversation with him about why I think there are no mistakes. Haha! This ties in beautifully with what I have mentioned so far. Well, let me use my recent experience as an example: I started with a vision 6 months ago. I followed the breadcrumbs to a marketing course that I thought would help me launch my idea for an online clothing store and I thought: Aha! THIS is the way! But this only opened the door for me to start my blog, my podcast channel, put in place the skeleton for a program I’d like to launch online, and laid the foundations for a book I want to publish. Then, I realised I needed an immediate income so I started giving yoga classes at a studio and online. I also got super interested in the crypto exchange markets. I love Acro yoga and now I’m giving acro workshops with the best acro yoga partner ever! Long story short, the groundwork is basically done for my long-term vision. And every time I thought this was the only way, life showed me that there’s a BETTER way!

While my initial idea was starting with the tail end of my dream, it doesn’t make it — or anything that happened in between — a mistake! EVERYTHING I went through was simply preparation for what is yet to come. My understanding of a “mistake” is that it serves as a compass that redirects me. And if I suffer through the consequences of my decisions, it serves as a lesson.

“Rules For Being Human Handed Down By Ancient Sanskrit:

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